Passive income, which means that the income is incurred without active measures. After your first sale to any subsequent sale is essentially a return on investment of 100000000% or more (yes, I ignored the actual rate of pay for the time or the time it takes to set the current time for simplicity).Each new dollar to make you as a result of work done, have paid in the past is an increase of one dollar they earned. As a return on investment in this parameter is?If you realize it now or not, even a little income from a side project is worth a lot more. Today, modest passive income stream has the potential to exponentially grow in the future.Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you can show what is possible. You can convert an unbeliever into a believer so that his force or pushing more and grow should the current and perhaps over time.Before proceeding, it is important to build a passive income to discuss the truth of the facts in the creation of a parallel project. The fact is, without success. In fact most do not. Why people do not is another debate for another time. But suffice it to say that the will know-how” coherent action, patience, perseverance and persistence in time, can succeed in establishing any passive income stream.

But in the early stages, it is easy to get discouraged when their side project generates only a few cents to a dollar a day (think Google Adsense ads on your blog or website), which ran for months.

Passive and residual income is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so do not easily discouraged, because the way is long, get winding and the fact that nothing worthwhile in life, like a pot of gold requires time, preparation and hard work.

What you reach your trip, but you will find gold lost every step of the way dust (these are the small coins and dollars you first wins), and even if you think there is not much about the big pot of gold all the way to the end, this discussion will help you put things in perspective and realize how precious every bit of passive income.
Definition of passive income

To gain passive income perspective, we rehash the definition of passive income. It is the income or cash from activities that involve produces no active work. For example, if the money you have earned and taxes paid deposit to the bank, the bank pays you interest, without work constantly for that. Interest income, it is passive income.

The income you receive is invested in a property in passive income. Patent rights, franchise rights to the brand and residual commissions are also similar examples. For a more detailed discussion of passive income, you can read my post titled What is passive residual income and why is it so good?

Can you make a residual income rich?

Yes and No, not for the majority. However, they provide a steady stream of cash flows, which makes life easier in many ways. For those who deal harshly on the growth of passive income stream or the creation of several other, add the quantities and can certainly rich. At least, that provides multiple paths or channels of passive income that bring them more freedom, flexibility, relaxation and more opportunities in life.

To really put things in perspective, we will discuss the worst. Many people start a blog with high hopes thinking it could be your entry early retirement and wealth of bloggers door. Well, that’s not true for many who, for various reasons, but it certainly is and should be for many that I know personally. Instead, the blog for $ 03.05 per day or $ 90-150 per month, after months of hard work and bloggers throw in the towel and call it quits.

However, still the income come with time, and if the blog is optimized for search engines, it is likely that traffic to increase over time, and it will return. I would ignore the growth in sales for the moment for simplicity. But the fact is that the profits are directly proportional to Internet traffic for most business models based on the Internet.

An additional $ 150 per month may not mean much, in absolute terms, especially for someone who is successfully working in Corporate America makes $ 80,000 per year. However, I would not really say much in a relative sense? Let more. , ,
Comparison of passive income from their commercial interests aside its cash

Since the interest income from the money earned is the king of all passive income (as do many people think, at least), I will refer to passive income from his concert in addition to the activities deserve. Interest income is considered more appropriate, because the money in the bank is money safe (at least the perception is), and you do not have anything to do any income.

The interest rates are less than 1% in those days. However, for simplicity, we assume that you get today dumped an interest rate of 1% interest on money in a bank. How Filing of capital (money) needed to $ 150 per month to generate interest?

$ 150 per month $ 1,800 per year, which seems much healthier right? $ 1,800 can be a nice trip or two each year somewhere fund not? Assuming it costs $ 30 per year to keep (web hosting and domain name), you are still pockets $ 1.770 per year.

The question is, how much is needed to generate a bank deposit $ 1.770 per year at a rate of 1% interest? A simple division shows that $ 117,000 needed to $ 1.770 per year to generate interest from passive income. Do you have a spare $ 117,000 you can have in the bank today to make the kind of money on your blog (hypothetically) you do?

Agreed that a website or a blog is nothing corresponding to $ 117,000 deposited in a bank, but it is here that I pass on the benefits of passive income stream. If you do not have $ 117,000, you can not generate more than $ 1770 in passive interest income. However, the blog and far away from you is generated as well (and you can push!).

Growth in sales Current liabilities

If you work your dollars for wages, working time trader. No matter how much money you make when you stop working, the money keeps flowing. Even a CEO is just a very well paid at the end of the day an employee.

How much better than the average Joe, makes $ 80,000 a year to work to earn $? 150 $ 80,000 divided by 2080 hours 52 weeks and 40 hours per week has a salary of about $ 36 per hour. Needs to work in revenue 4 hours for $ 150 as well above the average Joe formation. What worth extra time for four hours you each month? Or 48 hours per year!

Not a side business, mention to generate money is a good asset to have many reasons. You do not have pocket money leaking from a website that does not work. You can also sell an asset when it generates money on a multiple of earnings. If your site makes $ 150 per month or $ 1,800 per year and sell it for three times earnings, you can have a nice lump sum of $ 5,400 bag (Uncle Sam obviously takes its share).

Alternatively, you can re-focus on it and develop passive income streams of $ 150 to $ 200 and maybe more. The Internet is an exciting way to do business. Just a little effort for a suitable period generated enough momentum to show significant results.

Another scenario is to add more sources of income of a similar nature to what we already have. Because you have done it once, you can easily over and over again, and reproduce again. In fact, this is how people become millionaires. You find something to do that makes them a dollar, and repeated several times every dollar over time then accumulate.

$ 150 per month, but can not say much of the annual income of $ 80,000, provided the faith and understanding of what is passive income from a side project possible and it works.


Compared in a relative sense, you will quickly see that even a small stream of passive income very much value. I would rather have $ 117,000 in cash in a bank account at an interest rate to me? Of course most would $ 117,000 in cash on a blog, which is only $ 150 per month, but many do not have that kind of money just lying around.

The fact is that even the $ 150 per month is much more valuable than what appears on the surface. Income does absolutely nothing. A liability of $ 150 per month source of income is also much easier to accumulate for most people to achieve in the short term, to $ 117,000 in cash after taxes.

And if you want with passive income and residual income to replace your full-time employees of his company page, you can grow on your project, or just add more revenue to develop cash flow focus.

As always, I can not recommend you to pursue your full time job, a side job. It does not make sense at least for now. Take some free time and on weekends and do a side project that you are passionate about. The experience is not only fun, but very rewarding in more than just a financial point of view.

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