Everywhere I turn, I think it’s fantastic that social media. People tell me that they spend six hours a day on Facebook. They respond to tweets from Twitter all day and all night.

864 million Facebook users spend more than 20 billion minutes on the site every day. That’s incredible.

Many of these people think that social media help grow their business. They expect to make tons of money by using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

But the truth is that the vast majority of people do not waste money with social networks and your time.

What remains a big question. What are they doing wrong?

To put you on the path to profitable use of social media, identifies the six best ways entrepreneurs their time with social media. For each waste of time, I have a few ways to solve immediately included.

Here they are:

1.Loss of Time

Many people think that social media is in itself a business model. They come and start building a following. It’s a good thing – but a separate model, depth business is still necessary. And you should know how to make money.

Measures to combat

  • Find the exact product or service you want to use Social Media to sell.
  • Define in detail your target audience. Who is your ideal client?
  • Development of a system for sales by phone, web or face to face.

2.Waste of time

Another mistake that people make is that they have reached a strategy for the use of social media to specific business goals.

Measures to combat

Identify the three main objectives with social media (ie, generate leads, find partners to consolidate existing business).
To identify possible to reach these goals.

3.Waste of time

Another mistake is to use the right tool. Some companies work better on LinkedIn, some are better on facebook, and some are better at Twitter.

Measures to combat

Familiarize yourself with the major social media sites.
Contact your customer or prospect and ask them to one of these sites they visit most often.

4.Waste of time

Another problem: the misuse of social media. They make too many messages to send too many messages, and ignore the label social networks. You must know the rules, and we must follow them.

Measures to combat

Learn You are the rules of the site. For example, Facebook post unauthorized commercial communications ban.
Know the limits of the page. For example, Twitter limits the number of messages that can be sent directly to 250 per day.

5.Waste of time

The following error is what I Social Communications fatigue. You spend too much time on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – not all the questions. And it burns.

Measures to combat

Set a time limit for your daily activities of social media.
Limit mostly in activities, the company was able to generate for you.

6.Waste of time

Are you not able to display your websites marketing efforts to measure social media? If so, you do not know what does.

Measures to combat

Ask very specific and measurable goals. For example, you might want five new perspectives in the week and turn one of them, a new customer.
Start measuring your results – and their strategy to refine until you get it right.

A prime example of someone who has benefited from social media Vaynerchuk, Star Wine Library TV. Gary effectively used the power of social media to take advantage of the wine of his family business. He developed a series of Twitter over 800,000 people and used his following his blog and videos in just five years to skyrocket business 4 billion a year to $ 60 million years.

Vaynerchuk clearly focuses on the right way to make your business grow with social media and prevented the top six social media time to lose.

If you have time in developing your social media strategy to account for these losses, you are on your way to repeat his success.