Choosing perfect category for you blog is most impotent part to start a blog because It will categorize your blog and make it different from others and your expected readers will get it quick. It’s the first think you have to choose because you must choose a perfect category about you know. For blogging you have to know very well about what you writing and that will make you a perfect writer.As example if you know very well about “Fashion” you must start your blog where you write only fashion or fashion related articles because you know about it and you can write about it, but If you choose “Food” as your main category when you are a Fashion related are not going to get success. So it’s very impotent to choose the right category for your blog.

meany people do a common mistake and that is for earn more, they choose high paying and top categories to blogging but after they start they face the main problem and it is article. When you are not a perfect writer for the chosen category how could you be success. It’s quit impossible so only choose those categories what you really know about and can share with others.

If you are going to start you new blog, you might think about what kind of blog posts you really can make one of my friend “Nayon”  stay with blogging more then 4 years but he never got a penny from his blogs because only for his blog category.What ever I know he was very good on ” Celebrity Gossip” but for more money he choose Internet tips to do but after 1/2 years he really get despondent about blogging but he don’t take any necessary action to fix this he just do it and do it. That was really a sick story and now he is working on a computer shop.So hope you really don’t want to be like that.

Tomorrow I’m going to Post “How to Choose perfect Categories for Your Blog” So stay with me.

Here is the Most popular blog categories preferred by Google