Welcome to blogger99 resource page, Here I will share some of the important tools I use for my blogs and websites and also those tools are so effective to grow any online business. All tools are tested by me and I have suggested only the best tools here. I strongly recommend them to optimize your online business.

[box type=”info” size=”large” border=”full”]WEB HOSTINGS[/box]

[tabs] [tab title=”Shared Hosting”]logo-main  (SHARED HOSTING) : To start a new blog, web hosting is the Most important and must need tools. But here on the web, there are so many companies and it’s really confusing to choose the best one. So we test all the shared hosting and eHost is our best choose for shared hosting. It’s optimized for only shared hosting. Shared hosting is basically for new website or beginners because it’s not able to take millions of visitors, so when your site get popular you will ned upgrade it to a VPS (Virtual Privet Server) or Dedicated server. TRY eHost[/tab] [tab title=”VPS Hosting”]inmotion web hosting(VPS – VIRTUAL PRIVET SERVER) VPS is more powerful than the shared hosting, because on shared hosting many customers use a single server and on VPS you will get a personal server for your business. We recommend InMotion Webhosting because for technical support and uptime it’s the best.  TRY INMOTION  [/tab] [tab title=”Dedicated Hosting “]liquidweb web hosting (DEDICATED SERVER) It means a ver personal big server with full control, It’s totally yours and no one will have any access on it. You can do anything here, like install so many websites, web programs, tools, software’s etc. The server 100% belongs to you and it’s also will work faster than the general shared hosting. That’s why Dedicated is the best but it’s also costly. As a dedicated server, we always recommend liquid web as they are best on this platform. They really doing great and for faster server speed and uptime they are always my 1st choose. There are so many providers in the market but the liquid web is the unique one and you will get the best support here.      TRY LIQUID WEB   [/tab] [/tabs]

[box type=”info” border=”full”]EMAIL MARKETING MANAGEMENT [/box]

logo-aweber Email Marketing is one the best way to market your online business. Email marketing is most effective marketing solution because of it’s direct customers. You can send business and promotional offers direct to your customers and this is the only way you can do this in bulk. If you have targeted email list you can turn it to customers easily. If your email subscribers came from your business website then definitely they are 100% targeted and it will increase your business 5X times, for sure. There are so many email management tools available in the market but “Aweber” is most recommended from Blogger99 Because of it’s the best performance and 100% Inboxing solution. TRY AWEBER

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