Hello guys so today I will teach you How To Install WordPress On Your Server and change the theme upload new plugins as I promised on my last post How to Host a Web Site on Your Computer . Today We will do :

  1. Create a MySQL database
  2. Download WordPress
  3. Place it On Root Server
  4. Install The WordPress
  5. How to Change or Install a new Theme
  6. Upload Or install new plugins

So First you need to open and put it online the WAMP server if you have no idea you can see my last post to know about Wamp server at How to Host a Web Site on Your Computer .

1. Download WordPress: Go to www.wordpress.org and download the latest version. You can get the “Download WordPress + version” on the front page so it’s so simple to get the file, just download it as ZIP and keep safe.

2. Create MySQL : Now we have to create a MySQL database what we will use to install the WordPress. So we will go to http://localhost/phpmayadmin to create a new one. First we will click Databases from navigation bar and create a new database with a new name so we create here a new database using name “WordPress”



After create your new database you will get it on the database list. So we will click ” Check Privileges” to check out SQL information.



OK here you will get after clicking ” Check Privileges”  So our SQL database has been created.



3. Place the WordPress file Into Root : Now we have to copy/cut the downloaded WordPress file into root server so we will move it to “C:/Drive > Wamp > WWW ” and unzip the file here and remove the zip file only keep the “WordPress” Unzipped folder.

4. Install WordPress :so now we will go to http://localhost or http://localhost/wordpress if you do it as a single project. After go to the link you will get the first step where we have to choose the language and click “continue” now you will get a new bar as warning for needed information like SQL username,Database Name, Database password, Database host etc we will just go with ” Let’s go



After ” Let’s go” we will get the information page where we have to place Database Name, Database password, Database host etc. Use database name as you created like we use “WordPress” User Name will be “root” you will get the info on php-myadmin “check privileges” after creating the database , use localhost as Database host , Table Prefix as it is like “wp_ ” and clean the password section because we don’t use a password for database and “Submit



If your database information is ok you will get the page where you can run install so click on the “Run The Install” button. Now you will get the basic information panel for your WordPress website just complete it with “Site Title “”User Name” Password and your personal admin email for security. and click “Install WordPress”



After Click you will get the login confirmation and just click log in and here we get the WordPress admin login panel !!!

Just log in with your user name and password given when you install.


Congratulation your WordPress is almost installed !!! after log in you will get you very expected admin dashboard.

 5. How to Change or Install a new Theme : It’s very easy task just got to Appearance > Themes and here you can see your installed themes just clicking active you can active any theme anytime. and for install a new click ” Add New” on header you can select free themes from here to installed or can upload your own theme with clicking ” Upload Theme ” brows your theme and click “Install Now” after install the theme you will get “Active theme” so just click here and your new theme is live now !

6. Upload Or install new plugins : Th’s on the same way like theme but for that you have to go Plugins > Add New and can install by searching or upload yours to ” Upload Plugin ” browse and install now and after that also get the active now to active your plugin.

So guys that’s it for today hope you enjoyed the post if you have any qustion please ask on comments blow. Thank you!



  1. I loved this article it’s really helpful. I found this lesson to be very helpful with my company typingassignments.com and as a business owner, this information can help those new small owners how to create a WordPress instead of html which is hard for most people to grasp. They both are great programs to use it just depends on which one you feel comfortable learning first and to me hands down WordPress does it for me my blog. Running a business, one of the things that I learned was how to change themes and now on to creating different WordPress websites and your advice above will help me complete my current task thanks. Looking forward to learning more!