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Hay what’s up ..? So today we are here for how to make your computer a web server and run website into it. That’s actually not so hard to do and easily you can with some effective softwares. Hope you will like it.  Basically developer use own computer as a server for test and complete there websites without published world wide. That’s means you can use this way to build a webpage what only you can see you and can edit without any FTP just with root directory. The the root directory will placed on your computer C:/ Drive . So how you can make your computer a live hosting server.

So what you need to do that ?

You need a Local host software like XAMPP or WAMP server So today we will go with Wamp because I like to use it more then XAMPP because more easy and automated to use So I also suggest to use it for beginners. So first we will go to and just click on Download button under Reviews


Ok so here we Download first and after download Just dabble click on the software or right click > Open and just Install it.


 Now you get a pop install bar with NEXT command Just click NEXT then accept the user agreement and click again  NEXT  and it will auto select the C:/ drive so you just go with NEXT again mark crate a quick launch icon and Create a desktop icon then again NEXT you you have to wait just some seconds and finish the Installation. Now for a good support you should Restart your computer once it’s done check your active massanger’s like Skype, Yahoo, IM etc and open the software with dabble click and you will see the WAMP icon on right corner of the task-bar. Now check if what is the color of the icon it should be Green Ok now you will get a new folder called “wamp” on your C:/ Drive open it and then you get the “www” folder and that is your root folder where you place your web files to get them live on your browser.



 That’s it now you can access your root on http://localhost on your web-browser and for your php my admin you can easily access from http://localhost/phpmyadmin so here we will give a demo script here to see how it’s get live. First clean all the worst files from” WWW ” folder and place a HTML file called “index.html” so here we go to create a new html file with notepad, adobe Dreamweaver  or Notepad++

<header><title>This is title</title></header>
 <p>Hello world | We here for check the server</p>
</body> </html>

So type this demo script on notepad, adobe Dreamweaver  or Notepad++ and save it as index.html file andmove it on “WWW” folder. And open your browser and go to http://localhost


So guys this is it your site script is now on your server. Thank for read the post tomorrow we will post how to Install WordPress on your Localhost server  ? and this would be fun. Please keep stay with us and enjoy amazing blogging tricks.