This is one of the most important qustion ” How to choose best categories for blog” I also faced it when I think about blogging. So you have so many categories With a lot of blog categories ready because you have not set much attention to it before you start, or created in the current as you have written. Finished with swelling category and your niche blog derailed. They came to apply the labels as a way to a refugee blog.

Readers use the categories to find more of his writing on the same subject. In addition, using some WordPress themes categories to determine the position of the stations and layout of your blog. If you need to make you blog perfect you have to do good use of categories.

 Choosing the Blog categories naming

The number of categories that you should consider is different, but the more the better for you and the reader. I love it, at least five years, and yet it is only a taste of me, once you start the game too hard last ten categories, you blog will get unwieldy for readers and writers.

How to choose the category for your blog?

1. Questions About  Your Blog

The best way to understand a blog is to ask questions about it.

In this way, you can make your theme? Some problems, as mentioned, to organize to use categories to your visual content. Some questions have limited space, if you want to include a list of the categories. In this way, you can make your theme? If you select a category banner rotation function on the homepage?
Need a subset of the output of the majority? Assuming your answer to this question is in the process of writing. If you need to write a blog, a category of “writing” is a very bad idea. That is perhaps blogging” and “fiction”, divided subsets of writing. But if you do, maybe “to write” a blog about marketing techniques not in the order of things too great.
Your blog is a niche blog? If so, you will have very specific categories, arranged tightly around your niche topic. If your niche blog is about the shoes do not have a category Shoes”. You can have a category of stilettos”.

The goal? Understanding what your blog is about, in as few words as possible. Somehow Blog categories of the Elevator Pitch blog. No time for excess.

How to Choose Best Categories for Blog

2. Allow your readers to decide,

Ask your about your blog on Search engines.

Check your analysis. What kinds of messages are always the most traffic? You can choose your classes to organize to bring your keywords and messages people to your website?

Do not allow the soul to Google. What are your readers? What messages provide more feedback? Trackbacks? Actions? These are the questions that the people of importance. Maybe it’s time you gave them a separate category so that you wrote to fill them.

3. Use the overlapping rule

In fact, this is not the rule, but the idea is that if you have problems reaching the categories, you can use this kind of method to help. It could look like this:

What are the first three or four topics we cover? Not too specific and not to select more than four. For example, you can decide for writing, content marketing, news and social media as the main categories.
What topics “under” that deserves its own category? These are the blog posts you write often, but not as much as the three that you created in step 1 positions that could fit into two categories of Step 1, as if they overlap. In our example, the overlapping categories blogs, features and case studies.

4. look at your history and plum

If you are still blogging for a few years, probably like me, when it comes to a blog categories. You have:

  • Categories with only a few messages on it. You have a few messages that do not belong to your blog, or if you have a class that does not like to write.
  • Categories by name, not understanding the reader. You have created categories for the benefit of the organization, and not for your readers, the content that interests them.
  • Categories with 90% of their messages. It created a category that was too wide and ended up dumping all because of her other categories were ill-conceived.
  • Specific to a subset of categories. A search for that instead of linking text in the body of the other posts in the series and using an existing category in other words, every time I have a number of blogs written, is not it.

Eliminate categories that do not have a lot of positions. Eliminate categories that do not understand your readers. Eliminate classes specifically designed for series. Eliminate categories you made for a position had” to write. Put these messages in other categories, or dispose of positions.

And in this category has become a huge landfill? They work hard to go through and sort messages and eventually eliminate this category. In theory, your blog should be balanced in all categories. If a schedule of topics is used categories play an important role in the workflow blog and how to make your site.

Choose The selection of the names of the categories

The category name must be clearly breathe and the reader.

  • Select category to obtain the person’s name. Lindo is for pussies. You might be tempted to call his class “Web Wizardry,” but your readers “Web Design” much much better to understand.
  • Select categories that are keywords. Use of keywords makes your category page contains a keyword screw. Even if you you noindex, followdefined categories to use a WordPress plugin that on, it does not hurt to in terms of the keywords that people use to find information today think.
  • Be consistent in the way they are written. When using the title, use lowercase what you want, but it’s consistently at all levels. Category Listings are a visual disaster if they are not equal.

It is difficult to rule in the desire to be clever or tidy. But you have to.


Another approach to Blog Categories

I have several blogs, and each is very different from the others. Some niches are some personal, others on the attitude of some of the characters I created. I struggled trying to find the best categories for this blog because I approached me anyway.

And then I began to think that the category type categories “background”. This leads me to different categories based on blogs:

Emotion: The categories have been said on the blog feel. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, meh, rant, things like that. I wrote to be learned categories on a broad base of these issues, but it was not a news blog. People do not come here to read about a particular topic. Some people just want to read the diatribes. Once again I thought about how I came to write, it was logical that I categorized with the same procedure.
Tagline: Some of my blogs have stories of characters in the series, and while you can easily through the history of messages that scroll belong to her, it was logical categories, based on these, have stories. In other words, this is the blog library, and the categories were books on the shelf.

There are also other approaches, I’m sure. Here are some that I made for my own use. The key is that their focus should be consistent and relevant to blog readers and how they approach it. I should not have categories on the basis of “pleasure”, for example, and also a category called “Haven”.

The categories are defined and forget something? It would be nice to say that you are perfect, but should visit again. You are quickly becoming a category that most gets your posts, or one that notice not the case, and you need to start the process.

Nothing set-it-and-forget-it on your blog, and that includes the blog categories. Stay on top of them.


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