Today we will meet a new advertising network who really had done something good for bloggers. So lets look about it . It’s RevenueHits an Israel company with 128 bit SSL, so it’s secure to do business with them. We all know about adsense very well and it’s the 1st choose for every blogger. Blogger also like Affiliate marketing, even affiliate gives more then adsense but still adsense is on top because it’s give you a permanent and secure income what everyone want but it’s not so easy task to get an adsense always. Also there is some website who get banned from adsense and now have no way to earn something like adsense. The most important think is you don’t need to be get approved like goode adsense , Just apply and you are ready to place your ads on your website !

There is so many adsense alternatives exist on the web Example chitika , infolinks , bitvisitor but they do not even pay 25% of adsense. so many bloggers leave writing after they get banned from google or get disappointed applying for adsense many times.

I just suggest you RevenueHits a good network who really paid well and has a good CPM reputation. We basically can’t use adsense on all type of websites but you can use RevenueHits any type of websites you want. The company was build in 2008 but now it’s on a very good position among the other networks.

RevenueHits basically a CPA Based ad Network and it’s CPM rate is also high. But there is some extra advantage what we didn’t get on adsense like POP ads so you will get auto likes when visitors lick on background or in a blank space on your website. They have 1) Banner ads , 2) POP under ads, 3) Sliders ads , 4) shadow box ads , 5) Top banner ads , 6) button ads and 7) footer ads.

Payment Options are Paypal , War transfer and Payoneer  and can withdraw after your balance is $20. I recommend this website mostly the downloading blogs because it’s give good revenue on download button banner ads . You really will like it.  SING UP

Last think is adsense is adsense no one can compete adsense but it’s so near to adsense for it’s good revenue share and I think it’s better then the other alternatives. Hope you would like the Company.


  1. To be sincere with you, Google AdSense really sucks…I blame myself for concentrating too much on AdSense as my main source of income.

    However, from my experience, the best position is top of the page ( or below title post and/or probably by the right side of the post content) and the preferred size to use is the 336 by 280.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I do believe that getting approval from the Adsense is getting really easy in comparison of the early days but thats no same the bloggers from the Asia origin. There are number of terms and conditions to be followed for the Asian origin bloggers. You did marvelous job and these tips are to be followed to get approved. At last, Congratulations for the approval from the Adsense, Happy Earning Dude !!!