Blogging or Freelancing ? did you ever think about it ? what is a independent way to earn and live a better tension free life ? I’m not a professional blogger but I’m doing Freelancing from more then six years but I personally like blogging more then freelancing. So let’s discuss what is independent way to earn .

Freelancing :

Many people makes confusion between Freelancing and Outsourcing when they are actually not the same things.Freelance is a person who offers his professional services or skills without being a permanent employee. Freelancers are self-employed. And Outsourcing is out letting assignments by the organizations to the freelancers instead of hiring permanent employees. So on freelancing basically we understand some marketplace like upwork, elance, guru , fiverr , freelancer , peopleperhour etc. where buyer post a job and skilled persons from this category bid on the project and finally one got hired by client. Now a days it’s become a smart way to earn good , so many young guys even housewife’s make them expert on those skills and they even made good from here. SO how it’s work ? like you are a web designer and just get hired for a new web-design project , the time will be 7 days and payment $200 now you can do this work done any time from this 7 days, you can do this from your home or any where you want client will not ask you from where you working and if you can done this on time only then you will able to earn this $200. So this is simply freelancing or freelancer done.

Blogging :

Blogging is simple write about anything or explain anything by writing on a blog . But basically a blog should have specific topics , because for writing about anything you have to know the subject in details and have good knowledge on every part of the subject. like I like tech , freelancing and how to make money online so I do only write about related categories that people (visitors) can find only making money related articles here. Bloggers divided by two category one who do blogging as a hobby and second who start blogging for only make money.There is thousands of bloggers who earn over thousand of dollar in a month . A successful blogger earn much more then a corporate officer wht is sometimes over 100 times. Bloggers basically earn from Google Adsense, Affiliate program , review post ans in some more ways. How it’s work ? when visitors come into your blog to read or know about this topics those ads or affiliate banners show them related products, services or offers when visitors click in the ads or banner the ads or banner company send a commission for promote or sell there products or service.

Now who is best Blogging or Freelancing ?

Actually i don’t want to down any of those , I just discuss what is more free to work . it’s always not get same earning some freelancers earn more then bloggers and some times bloggers done better them freelancers but i want to go with blogging cause I think this is the most independent work to do, When you are a freelancer you have to be perfect on the job skill and related skills too , and you also have to fight against other freelancers to get hired for the job then sometimes it’s much pain to understand the client or explain something , here you also have to maintain the time , because you have to complete the work on time and on blogging there is no body who will ask you to write articles on time you can write any time you want and even some times it’s take only 2 or 3 hours a day to do blogging where on freelancing you have to work over 12 hours a day some times . it’s too hard to get work when you are a freelancer but on blogging after setup your blog you can easily attract visitors to your blog by doing simple seo and it’s not so hard to do you just need a cool mind and a good writing skill. So i think it’s clear . I don’t tell that freelancing is bad even I’m a freelancer too ( not a blogger ) but i love blogging more then freelancing and will quit freelancing soon.