For online business and make a great online career you should learn and make advance yourself with any freelancing jobs. So we have different of work categories online, you can choose any one from them to be perfect or you also can learn about more categories and that will make you a online rock-star. Here today we will get some great categories that really can effect on your future online career.

Web and Software Development

What we do: to provide design and maintenance of websites for companies and also programs for businesses.

Jobs available: Help for a better brand of the company through an updated website is the work of webdesigners. Freelance software engineer software development, analysis and maintenance and development of Flash building code and debugging perform.

Project Management

What they do: Project managers develop requirements, budgets and IT schedules, development or production projects of their societies.

Vacancies: Project Manager can help work processes within an organization and Brand Manager provides a structure for a company to translate their core message of your audience. Consultant Systems offers a virtual support team.

Computers and IT

What are they: Help for software problems operating systems construction, IT computer industry and is an evolving field.

Vacancies: System Consultant update virtual servers and provides support staff. A test engineer can design and implement software test systems can create interface models a developer JavaScript, hold down the page and work with front / back-end developers.


What they do: Every business needs a good writer to help your message and maintain clear communication between a company and the world.

Jobs available: a freelance writer for the media, you can charge the text in the update scripts for new and air. A technical writer brochures and edit user manuals to make. Coordinate a manufacturer of Web Content Manager and write messages and content publishing blogs.


What they do: In connection between customers and consumers is only one aspect of this growing industry.

Vacancies: Marketing Assistant provides product management and development of marketing; Marketing Coordinator processed invoices, schedule meetings and answers questions during a specialized marketing campaigns managed Ad Words ads on the search and optimize the content.


What she: Ask created sure that the copy is a good read, is aligned with the company’s mission and monitoring of other authors are the duties of an editor.

Jobs available Internet content editor searches and writes messages that go viral; An independent content strategist helps the strategy and implementation of large web projects content; and a copy of the changes and corrections editor and suggestions must know about the style of the APA.


What they do: A large field full of interesting employment opportunities, people often gather research data and conduct basic research, which is then used to promote an organization.

Jobs available: A field investigator can be made interviews with employers / papers, solve problems and reviewing of records. A source contract recruiter and Interviews Staff roles, customer service, management and human resources. And a forecast analyst decides, on the basis of the analysis of the company and sales.

Account Management

What they do: Account Manager support a company in specific projects and work closely with customers and at the same time for the general budget targets.

Jobs available: A representative of the Campos customer service calls and write letters to customers, while a Brand Manager develops and produces independent marketing strategies ideas to improve the user experience. New help for specialists of the company to improve the image of the online business and develop new business opportunities.


What they do: Perhaps one of the largest industries, the self-employed working as administrative staff provide one (but important) role in helping you deal with your boss and your company in general and that the handle personal communication treat occupied themes and monitor team.

Wait for entry candidates for entering and analyzing data and Special Projects Assistant is as supervision schedules and costs for logistical support responsible for providing administrative services: jobs. Answer the phone, mail processing and help other office tasks are just some of the professional responsibility of the reception.

Internet and E-Commerce

What they do: Besides buying (and selling) online, those who often offer in this area support for large companies in areas such as web design, technical support or even software engineer.

Jobs available: a retail marketing consultant will handle communication for social media sites, writing press releases and opportunities for research and marketing tasks. Web Marketing Manager is the analysis of market research and competition perform customer to determine marketing strategies that are best suited for the company. And online marketing traffic participates in various departments define traffic indicators and solutions to improve marketing results.