Hi, I’m “hriday side” an Individual blogger and Online researcher.Actually I started my first blog on 2007 and do much thinks within 2007 to 2012 and then I stopped it for my graduation and But I really never want to leave blogging but you know sometimes education and family take more than yourself So, I was left it but not forever now I’m back on my very won place. Yes blogging It’s my passion, hobby whatever you told So I just started my new blog Blogger 99 but I really get much response without marketing and complete it properly. I really appropriate for that!

Who I am : I’m Hriday Sikder a 20 years young dude from Dhaka, Bangladesh.I really believe myself as world happiest person. I don’t leave a luxurious life but I live my life freely as I always want and moreover one think to make me happier that is my Country I really love my country and happy that I live and bring in Bangladesh.  I’m not a very importer person, not a milliner but a very good friend of yours. I’m here to do read, experiences write and Shar experience with you.

What I will do with Blogger 99 : I’m not going to share secretes with you because I’m going to share only those thinks that I know and that really make you Success . There is nothing to hide I just going to give you some right way that really effect on you success and that is not secrets. I’m not a online Guru but I have good experiences about how to get success on internet. And I always here to guide you and help you.

My little story : In 2007 when I was just a little boy in school I first hear about online earning so that make me seance first time then I was try to do so many think like PTC, (paid to click) , MLM’s but that’s not give a penny then I was going to train myself to be perfect I started SEO ( Search engine optimization ) first, then Social media marketing and Finally Web-Development, For sure I really get success from here and I have made an 7,217 Hours on oDesk and 1200 Hours on Elance within 4 years.For that I really feel that the Blogging is better then the other freelancing jobs. I also do enjoy them but blogging is quit different, here you are the boss and you don’t have to bid,bid and bid just have to walk in right track. So after everything now I’m here on blogging and promise you guys I will never leave.

How I get Blogger 99 and What I will Do : just a month ago when I thought about back in blogging again I check my older domains but they all are deactivated or with new owner then I search a hundred time for a quick short mane but don’t get it. Then I thought will take later but should check a hosting to serve so when I check I get $99 for a yer with some offer and here I see that ” Start you online business,company site or blog for $99″ So i quickly search blogger 99 and It was available !!! I do quick buy it and Just start.And now I’m going to post every day and will share everything I do.

 Thank you for your interest about ME ! I really appropriate for that Please stay with Blogger 99 to get amazing Updates !!!